Does My Ex Want Me Back?

Reading romantic symbols can be difficult and confusing. Thankfully, this handy online quiz will help you determine if your ex wants to get back with you!

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Does My Ex Want Me Back?

1. Who dumped whom?

I was dumped. I did the dumping.

2. Before your relationship officially started, how did you communicate?

Text Calls Video calls In person

3. During your relationship, how did you communicate?

Text Calls Video calls In person

4. Now that your relationships ended, how do you communicate?

Text Calls Video calls In person We don't.

6. Is this the first time you've broken up?

Yes. No. ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

didn't want you in the first place
Whether it was unconsciously or consciously, the answers you provided indicate that your ex partner was never really into you in the first place. Move on because he or she already has a long time ago.

doesn't want you back
None of the information you provided indicates that your ex-partner has any interest in rekindling your relationship. Any signs you see are only in your head. If you don't believe the quiz, just ask your ex. If you get a no, move on.

probably doesn't want you back
Some people like to string others along or they just don't realize the effect that their flirting has on others. Your ex-partner may be sending confusing signals, but they are not doing anything that clearly indicates that they want you back.

may or may not want you back
Your confusion is perfectly justified. Your ex sends some signals that seem like he or she wants you back, but also gives some signs that he or she is moving on. The only way to know for sure is to ask your ex to tell you what's up!

probably wants you back
The evidence isn't overwhelming, but you have good reason to believe your ex wants you back if you were honest with your answers on this quiz. However, the only way to know for sure is to ask your ex.

wants you back
Your ex wants you back. At least, that's the signals that he or she is sending. You can't know for a certainty unless you ask, but at least this quiz will give you a good reason to open up the lines of communication!