Will You Have A Cat?

I can tell if you will have a cat or not. After 21 simple questions you will look and see If I am right!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You will have a cat
Between your age, I can tell! If you are younger than ten, then your parents might not have let you have a cat. That's okay. You might not be younger than ten. Your cat's name is going to be whatever you would like it to be! Enjoy your cat! And perfect answer!

You won't have a cat
You will not have a cat! I'm sorry. This quiz is not always correct. But you might have a really good chance that you could have a cat! %50 of everything is that you might have a cat. %50 that you might never have a cat. Sorry! Enjoy your perfect answer!

Maybe you will have a cat
This quiz isn't always right. So you might not have a cat. You might have a cat. We will never know. Some questions are so bad. But you will always have a 50% chance that you will get a cat. Enjoy your perfect answer!

We do not know if you will have a cat
Sorry for everything. We don't know between the questions. Sorry try again or we will never know. But you will always know. So have skills. That's always how its gonna be. Still sorry that we don't know your answer, but it will always be in your head. Enjoy your perfect answer!