Where Do You Naturally Lean Politically?

You may think you know your political party, but underneath it all, you might concur with a different party's ideals. Are you interested in finding out? Take a quick quiz to find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You believe in American traditions. The ranch house with the white picket fence, American flag waving out front, 2. 5 kids playing in the yard, and a dog would look good on you. In your world, capitalism is the answer to all of our problems. But is it really?

You want to make a change in the world. The people's needs come first and you try your best to make their grievances heard. You stand for all minority groups and aim to get them the equality you believe they deserve. You sometimes have to make decisions that supports the other side of the aisle, but it's for the betterment for all in the long run.

The environment is your first priority, actually your only priority. Global warming is a thing and it makes you crazy there are people who don't believe it. You stress the importance of recycling, water conservation and solar power. You have the information, now you just need the support!

Politics are a scam and you want everyone to know it. Republicans and Democrats are just two sides of the same coin. You believe they are working together for the interest of the upper classes in the long run. You want the people to make their own choices without having to be given one of two evils. You are the game-changer or at least you want to be.

Capitalism and monopolies are ruining our finances, or so you believe. Economic equality allows everyone to make the same amount of money across the board to eliminate the 1% as well as poverty. While some may be angry at not being able to stack money high, you believe this is the way to make the world a more equal and financially fair place.

You're all about equality and standing up for the people. You don't believe the government should be allowed to control the money as they see fit without proper checks and balances. You want the people to have equal opportunities across the board. While this takes away the incentive to be innovative, there won't be a huge gap in the wage difference to create social classes and that's all you ever wanted.