Who Is My Spirit Guide?

Wondering who your spirit guide is? It's time to answer some questions and find out once and for all. Who have you been seeking guidance from all this time?

Tags: Personality, Character, Behavior, Spirituality, Meditation

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An Ancestor
That's right, an ancestor. Depending on your lineage, it could be a king, or a peasant. It could be a baker, or a blacksmith. It could even be a tribesman. It could be male or female, old or young. Whatever the case, this spirit once lived among us, and is in some way related to you on a distant level.

Someone You Used to Know
This is someone you knew in life, before they passed away. Think about the people in your life that have died. It could be a parent, a grandparent, an old friend, a former romantic partner, or someone else entirely. Whatever the case, you clearly had a connection with this person, and so they provide guidance whenever you ask.

A Spirit With No Former Connection to You
This is a spirit who genuinely likes you and wants to help with their own wisdom and experience. They draw from their former life amongst the living to give you advice. But see, they didn't know you in life. They're not related to you. They never knew you. It's as if this spirit found you after the fact, and for some reason felt drawn to you.