What Kind Of Life Partner Are You?

Does your style of love truly stand the test of time for your partner, or are they looking for something else altogether?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Fair-Weather Friends
You are a doting partner when the going is good - but you tend to only stick around when things are easy, making you a bit unreliable when it comes to the nitty gritty of relationships. Because of this you may find yourself in relationships with a lot of 'extremes,' for example when it is good it is incredible, and when it is bad it is hell. Still - your loving and attentive qualities make people want to stay with you.

True Blue Companion
You are compassionate, patient, and loyal - the hallmarks of partners in a lasting relationship. These qualities make you very desirable to many, but the last thing in the world you would do is intentionally hurt your parter, so you're sure to be completely transparent when other people flirt or make advances. You make it a priority to be supportive at all times while also making sure your own needs are taken care of, because you know that a healthy love means that both partners have to love themselves like they love each other.

For-Better-or-Worse Mate
You form connections so deep that come hell-or-high-water you will be there for life for the one you love. Even when you fight - which come on, everyone does - you never let it shake your foundation because you always see the bigger picture when it comes to your relationship. Not much could destroy your bond, which gives you the power to really live your life without fear or rejection or abandonment, and the same is true for those you love.

Wandering Eyes Partner
You are loving but can be easily distracted - whether it's by attention you are receiving or attention you want to give to others. This can lead to heartache at home - but you try to be clear that it's just part of your personality and doesn't mean you don't love your partner. You know how to charm just about anyone, but some may criticize you for being reckless with others hearts, though in your own view of things you just engage in mostly harmless flirtation and others need to lighten up because you still come home to the one you love.

Co-dependent Partner
You can not hide your emotions and are highly communicative, and at times this can be a form of codependence. You often feel suspicious of your partner when they are not around or spending time with friends, and you may not understand why they made occasionally need space from you, which creates a rift in the relationship. If you notice these patterns developing in your relationships it is not too late to begin breaking them down and becoming a healthier partner for the long haul.

Forever Smitten
You have that rare kind of love that seems to draw out the 'honeymoon phase' forever - meaning you basically are a walking heart eyes emoji no matter if you're years into the relationship or brand new. This kind of undying affection can make for great self-esteem for your partner and signals to others that your relationship is pretty untouchable from outside forces. You have the kind of love they make rom-coms about.