Do You Think More Like A Man Or A Woman?

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100 Percent like a Man
You approach things methodically; you never second guess yourself; and you always have a plan. As soon as you think of a course of action, you take it. You often don't consider all the options, and you don't always see the other person's point of view. But you always know your own mind, and you're always clearheaded.

75 Percent like a Man and 25 Percent like a Woman
You're very analytical, but every now and then, a flash of inspiration hits and you see things in a new and unusual light. You like to act quickly, but your own thoughts often hold you back, forcing you to think through the situation a little more. You like things to be straightforward, and it can bother you sometimes when they're not. You sometimes have a feel for a situation; you're not sure where it comes from, but it's always right.

70 Percent like a Man and 30 Percent like a Woman
Your thoughts often mix your intuition with logic, and the result is always a very unique perspective. You respond to events, actions, and people quickly, but you've also thought through everything carefully. You think fast, which allows you to act fast. Sometimes you act a little too quickly, and you don't allow yourself time to think the situation all the way through. But chances are, you've thought more about it than anyone else has.

50 Percent like a Man and 50 Percent like a Woman
You try to see everyone's point of view, while never losing sight of your own. With your actions, you approach things head on, but when dealing with other people, you're always very thoughtful and empathetic. You're sometimes impetuous, with both your thoughts and actions, but you always mean well. You like it when things are clear and simple but recognize that not everything is black and white.

25 Percent like a Man and 75 Percent like a Woman
You always have about a dozen thoughts for any given situation, but you usually act quickly, picking one plan and going with it. You don't usually second guess yourself, and you're usually pretty confident. But sometimes a niggling bit of self-doubt will bother you. You almost never have difficulty connecting with people or understanding what they're feeling.

100 Percent like a Woman
You're intuitive, always thinking a hundred thoughts a minute, and your brain is always active, always on. You always have everything carefully thought out, and you see all the angles. Sometimes you can get bogged down with all your thoughts so that you don't know how to respond to a situation or you overthink everything. But you have a great ability to understand others and relate to them no matter what they're going through or who they are.