What Would You Do If You Were Invisible?

Being invisible would give you so many opportunities to do things you just can't do now. So which one would you do? Take the quiz and find out what you would do if you were invisible!

Tags: Magic, Funny, Fun

1. What is your spirit animal?

Monkey Raccoon Cat

2. Do you laugh at fail videos?

Yes No

4. Are you proud of your body?

Um, no I'm not ashamed My body is glorious

5. Which animal annoys you most?

Cow Horse Ostrich Skunk Sloth Hyena

Here are all the results with descriptions

Far in an elevator
You would go to a formal place like a skyscraper in a business district or the lobby of a very elegant hotel and then jump on a crowded elevator. You would then proceed to fart with great noise and watch as people tried to figure out who it was!

Rob banks
You would use your invisibility to score some cash. You would slip behind the counter and then wait until a teller went to the fault and then you'd slip right in. The major problem, though, would be getting the very visible money out of the bank. How will you do it?

Spy on people
You know all of those people that have annoyed you in the past because they're so conceited or condescending? If you were invisible you would spy on them and find out their most embarrassing secrets and then find a way to make sure that information gets out.

Become the next superhero
But, every superhero needs a lair and lairs cost money. So first, you sneak into the homes and secret meeting places of the New York elite and get some nice insider trading info. You then use it to cheat the most sinister of companies. With your new wealth, you build the most secret of secret lairs from which to have your base of operations and you make some nifty gadgets as well. Then you use your invisibility to fight crime!

Pretend to be a ghost
You're going to have a great time being invisible. Scaring people is going to be absolutely hilarious. It's also kind of mean so you won't pick on one person too much. But how great would it be to sneak up on your boss and tap them on the shoulder? Or to make your BFF's cat float across the room? Don't tell anyone about your ability. Wait to hear their 'ghost' stories instead.

Drive a car
Sure, it's been done at the drive-thru in internet videos, but how many people have actually seen that? Make their dreams come true by driving your car down lonely country roads while invisible. People will be less likely to think it's a hoax. They'll be genuinely shocked and scared!