What Is Your Leadership Style?

Being a leader is one of the most difficult and noble qualities a person can have. There are many different types of leadership styles though. So take this quiz and find out yours!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

When you lead people, you focus on the vision of it all. That's what gets your people going. You work best when there is a clear change or direction that needs to be made. Your style tends to be very positive.

You have a knack for developing people for the future. If you train on certain tasks or abilities now, they will be more equipped for it later. This style is best for reaching long-term goals and helping people build up their strength. It usually provides a very positive climate.

Your leadership style focuses on the people you're leading. You create emotional bonds and harmony between people. This is great during stressful times or when their is a rift in a group of people. This style tends to have a very positive climate.

Your leadership style focuses on input from the people you are leading. You build consensus through the participation of and input of the people you are leading. This style usually results in a very positive climate.

Your style demands total immediate and complete compliance. This works best when there is a crisis or when the people you are leading are very problematic. Unfortunately, this can result in a negative climate.

Your leadership style expects excellence and relies heavily on self-direction. This type of leadership works best to get quick results. Unfortunately though sometimes this style can lead to a negative climate.