What Type Of Unicorn Are You?

If you're wondering what type of unicorn you are, look no further. We know all of the unicorn types and we will tell you which one you are. Just take this quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are the classic unicorn of fairy tales and the legends of King Arthur. Hardly anyone ever sees you because you are aloof and will only seek out the company of the most pure-hearted humans. You live deep, deep in the woods.

You are a combination of a winged horse and a unicorn. Just like Pegasus, you can fly. There is a lot of magic in you and a lot of adventure also. You know what's at the other end of the rainbow. That's one reason that you're often called a bright pegasi.

You are a unicorn that earned wings. You weren't born with them like the bright pegasi. You had to go through trials to deserve them. That makes them all the more special. You can proudly fly knowing that you deserve what you have and it didn't come from magic.

So, you're not a pretty white horse. So what? You are the most awesome thing in the whole big wide sea! And you have TONS of friends. Probably literally. And there are legends about your sort of unicorn too. Plus, you get to frolic in the water.

The okapi is a living African beast. It matches the original descriptions of unicorns VERY closely. Down to the red and black markings. You are a truly unique and absolutely real unicorn. No make believe for you. You are the real deal.

The Shadhavar is an ancient unicorn of Semitic and Arabian cultures. Its horn has 42 holes in it. When wind passes through the horns, it creates such captivating music that all of the animals of the forest come to listen!