What Star Sign Is Your Best Friend?

Who is your best friend? Maybe you could be like Leo and Cancer's friendship. Maybe your best friend is not your best friend by zodiacs. Try to make friends with all of the zodiacs not just one. Just be honest about this quiz.

Tags: Friendship, Stars, Prediction

Here are all the results with descriptions

They're really negative. You try your best to put up with them, but sometimes you just can't.

Really cheerful, but talks to much. Sometimes you want to tell to shut up, then you'll feel bad if you do. They are very into art.

You think they're super funny. If you go out in public they can get super weird.

Very confident. They will push until success. They will never let you be lazy on their watch.

They are very popular. If you are their best friend they will make sure you are treated the way you want to be.

Very loyal, but has expatiations. They want to be treated the way that they treat you.