What Reality Show Should You Be On?

If you aired your dirty laundry on TV, what show would it be?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
You don't need much to be happy. You may feel insecure about your looks or education, but you make up for it by having a larger than life personality. People always know when you have arrived. You have more of a friendship than a parental relationship with your parents. You look to soul food for comfort. Unfortunately your actual reality is too scandalous even for prime time. You've been put on hiatus.

The Real World
YOLO! You make friends quickly, almost as fast as you turn them into enemies. You love drama and celebrating everything with a toast. Reality TV is popular, thanks to people like you. At one time you kind of wanted to be an actor, but settled for instant fame and a popping Tinder account. If hook-up culture, drinking, YouTube fame, and living rent-free are what happens when people start getting real ' you're all about it. You are the original reality show, every show since is just trying to copy your formula. Your motto: 'Don't hate me 'cause you ain't me.'

19 Kids and Counting
Your friends would say you're old school. I think it goes without saying that you LOVE kids! You are probably married to your high school sweetheart or have some other super-romantic and fateful 'how we met' story. You probably still live in the town where you grew up and you know everybody there. It takes a village, after all. You live life by the rules. Faith and family are what's most important to you. 'Go forth and multiply.'

The Bachelor(ette)
Let's do this! You've got profiles on Match, OKCupid, E-Harmony'hell, you've even been scouring through friends of friends of friends on Facebook. Your biological clock is ticking and your libido is on fire! All of your friends are getting engaged and it seems like you are the only single one left. Finding 'the one' is your main priority in life. You know you can't meet a quality mate in a bar or club. But other likeminded and desperate people who also are looking for 15 minutes of fame? ' Swoon!

The Real Housewives
It doesn't matter where you're from. You are the most popular of all the housewives, even though you may not technically even be a housewife ' or a wife at all. But you don't mind the label because it makes you seem more approachable! You are very image-conscious to the point where it's your Achilles heel. You can handle a lot of drama, but if someone tries to tarnish your reputation, the claws WILL come out. And that's not a side you want people to see. Not to worry! Edit it out, and it never happened. Ah ' the magic of television.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Your family is ruled by a very powerful matriarch. Or, your momager. I mean, you are the royalty of reality TV. Drama is your middle name. Your less than fabulous qualities are that you can be a little privileged and entitled. People have no idea why you ever became famous, but who cares. Not you. Now that you're on top you'll do whatever it takes to stay there. Unfortunately, you have no idea when you're being seen as the 'butt' of the joke. Try to come back to earth now and again.