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Are you feeling fancy? You need a fancy name to match your mood. This fun online name generator will find a perfect name to match your elegant nature!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Bijou or Xavier
Bijou is an elegant French name based on the French word for 'jewel. ' Xavier is also a name used in France but it has Spanish and Basque roots. The fanciest thing about that name is how it sounds ex-ZAV-ee-ay.

Evianna or Maximilian
A feminine fancy name for you is Evianna. It has the combined elegance of Eva and Anna! A masculine fancy name for you is Maximillian. It's a historical name which means 'the greatest. ' And you are! Maximilliana sounds cool too!

Seraphina or Ignatius
You are fancy, but also passionate and strong. We have two names for you. Seraphina (F) is a Hebrew name that means 'fiery. ' Ignatius (M) comes from Latin and means 'fire. ' It's also the name of a saint.

Valentina or Valentine
Valentine or Valentina are both names meaning 'strong and healthy. ' You are fancy, but you are also vibrant and active so these beautiful names suit you perfectly. Both have been used for males and females.

Arabella or Alasdair
Alasdair is a classically fancy name. It's the Scottish translation of the name Alexander and it means 'defender of mankind'. Arabella has an English origin and it means 'obliging. ' Arabella Mansfield was the first female lawyer in the U. S!

One of the best ways to sound fancy is to use a last name as a first name. We suggest Montague for you, a French surname. It means 'pointed mountain. ' You will recognize it as Romeo's last name in the famous play.