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Looking for a name for your new restaurant? Or for one you dream of owning? Perhaps you need one for a story you're writing. Well use our restaurant name generator to find one!

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Bumblebee Cafe
Bumblebee Cafe would draw any kind of person looking for a cafe experience without leaning too far in any direction of preconceived notions. You wouldn't want to go with Cheesy Gravy cafe because then the soup and salad crowd might avoid you. The opposite would happen if you named it 'Carrot Cafe' - you'd shoo away the breakfast crowd with that one.

Ambrosia Diner
The word 'ambrosia' gives the word 'diner' just a little bit of a lift. People will know they can count on certain dishes being available, but they will also assume you're not quite a greasy spoon - or that you at least keep a clean establishment. Ambrosia was the food of the gods and some customers might associate it with an old-fashioned whipped cream dessert of the same name. You might want to have ambrosia or cream pies on hand.

The Fender Grill
Or, in this one case, you could get away with 'grille' (because 'grille' with an E in restaurant convention usually means black straws and $13 hamburgers). The Fender Grill is the kind of place that will draw the meat and potatoes crowd. They'll be expecting good steaks, amazing fries, and the best cheeseburgers ever.

Black Cat Bistro
If pubs can have animal crests and mascots, why not bistros? And black cats? Black cats can be sophisticated, rebellious, cool, refined - but one thing they are not is boring. People will assume that the Black Cat Bistro is a place where what they want awaits.

Marjolaine is the French word for marjoram, a common herb with a mild taste between mint and oregano. If you don't like this name, try on different herb names or their translations in other languages. Or, to give your customers another hint that your restaurant is a unique and upscale dining experience, add your address numbers to the front or back of the herb name. Marjolaine 362, for instance.

Rococo was one of the most elaborate art and design trend periods in history. If your high end restaurant has great attention to detail and a passion for beauty in presentation, then the name Rococo could be right for you. If not, look at other design trend names like Baroque, Renaissance, Nouveau.