What To Eat To Give You Energy?

Are you struggling to make it through your normal day to day routine? Could it be that you're not eating the right foods to give you energy? Find out with this quiz!

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There are plenty of fruits out there that will give you that extra boost of energy that you're looking for like blueberries and bananas. Keep them nearby and snack on them throughout the day. You'll be amazed at the difference!

Do you already drink tea or eat yogurt in the morning? When you're preparing it, add a spoonful of honey. It's going to give you about the same amount of power as an energy drink but in a much more natural way.

They didn't feed Popeye spinach just for show. It's loaded with iron which is exactly what the body needs to power through the day. Add it to your sandwich or make a spinach salad for lunch and see how much your energy levels change.

It seems like you're someone that doesn't include a lot of fish in their diet, and that's what you're lacking to get that extra boost of energy you want. There are tons of vital vitamins and nutrients that are really going to make a huge difference!

There are plenty of different kinds of nuts like almonds that are the perfect snack to boost your energy level. They can be kept handy at your desk or in your car for when you're feeling a bit sluggish. Toss a handful in your mouth and you'll be right back to peak condition.

There are varying opinions on the nutritional value of eggs, but eating a couple for breakfast in the morning will give you a noticeable amount of energy that you didn't' have before. Eat them in any way including scrambled, baked, fried, or even as an omelet!