What Kind Of Woman Am I Attracted To?

Wondering what kind of woman you find attractive? Then it's time to answer some questions and get your answer! Grab a seat and let's do this already, no time to waste!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Edgy Women
These women usually have at least two tattoos, and some piercings, whether it's on the ears or elsewhere. They tend to love things like art, music, cooking and gardening, but will be able to beat you at video games too. Oh, and they love to read and educate themselves on a variety of topics.

High Maintenance Women
These women shop at all the name brand and designer stores. Their handbags are usually $1, 000 or more. They won't be caught dead without makeup on and they certainly won't ever do anything too masculine, like checking their own car fluids.

The Free Spirited Women
These women dance to the beat of their own drums. They love to do what feels right to them, and certainly don't adhere to societal roles they deem stupid or illogical. You'll have a lot of fun with these girls as they tend to be very easy going and smart.

Geeky/Nerdy Women
These women know all about comics, books, pop culture, and video games. They like to hang out at conventions, and may even dabble in cosplay. Suffice it to say, they can certainly hang with the guys and hold their own.