Which Fantasy Character Are You?

Are you an evil demon or a kind angel. Maybe you are a unicorn, werewolf, yeti or a witch! Answer these questions to find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You can be bad sometimes but you are a person who sometimes sims because of your unique chooses!

You have a really good personality. You always help your family and friends in any situation.

In your life you had many troubles but you are not weak so you mad your life that no one can change your way and your chooses.

You are such a powerful person. You could have a lot of friend and also lots of secrets. Everyone can tell their secrets to you cause they know you are reliable.

Maybe you hurt in your life but you are strong and you should be cause you are a werewolf!

You have magical personality. You can be good or bad anytime. You can't be Predictable!