Who Will I Date?

Let this quiz point you in the direction of your next lover as you discover who you will date next. It's time to get excited about love and your romantic future.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

A Strong, Independent Partner
You will date someone who is independent and has a lot of emotional strength. You will admire them greatly and feel safe around them. You know that your partner can take care of themselves and that's a bit of a relief.

An Affectionate Lover
Your next partner is going o be incredibly affectionate. They will adore you and intends to have the whole world know, whether it's by kissing you in public or buying you constant gifts, they will be showing their love.

An Adventurer
You should date a fellow adventurer next. All too often you find dating and romance boring so you're eager to match up with someone who adores travel, new experiences, and challenging each other in a healthy way.

Someone Rich
You aren't necessarily looking to date someone with a lot of money but regardless, that's who you'll pair up with next. Luckily, you're someone who has great taste which makes this an ideal match for the both of you.

A Genius
Your next partner will be a genius, whether they master academics or offer a more creative genius, you'll feel incredibly lucky and thrilled to have found someone with such talent. You can't wait to brag about them.

An Actually Nice Person
No, you aren't going to date the self-proclaimed 'nice guy' or gal. You will be dating someone with a heart of gold who is always there for you and for others. Your next partner will be caring and sweet.