What Ice Cream Flavour Are You?

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! What flavour, though?

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Whether you're more milky or bittersweet, you're delicious either way. Those who love you, love you a lot. You inspire passion. When someone gets a craving for you, they will search the streets for you in the middle of the night. What are you doing out there in the dark, anyway?

Those who call you boring and dull might be surprised to learn that you're a big crowd pleaser. In fact, you're incredibly popular, the default leader of the pack. You 'play well with others' in the sense that you don't fight for attention. You simply complement those around you. Carry on, your highness!

Sweet and youthful, even childlike. You may not be everybody's first choice, but you're probably their second. You're friendly and refreshing. And above all else, you just want to have fun. And possibly some shortcake.

Although you seem serene on the surface, you contain multitudes! In other words, you look simple but you are not. You're actually pretty complicated, at least as far as ice cream flavours go. There are many different aspects to your personality. That can be fun. Or a little disturbing.

Butter pecan
A little bit nutty and very sweet, you have a few close friends who will choose you over anyone else, any time! You're fun but not downright crazy, like so many other boutique ice cream flavours. Blueberry and lavender ice cream? No thanks. You're only very slightly weird. And inexplicably popular with the elderly.

You're a bit of a surprise. A jolt out of the blue. Only the very discerning, or the very tired, choose you. That's okay. You've got your standards, too.