Are You A Team Player?

Wondering if you're a team player, or just another dictator? Then it's time to get brutally honest! Answer some easy questions, and we'll tell you what you are.

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A Team Player
You really are a team player. You know how to work with others to get things done, whether they're school projects, or project deadlines at work. And the good news is that because you work so well with others, it's safe to say that most people like you. You're a likable, approachable person!

A Dictator
That's right, a dictator. That means you're not a team player, but you do expect everyone else to be. You're the person who prefers to order the team around, telling them what to do, what to get done, and how. The person who at the end of the day doesn't really have many people's respect. . .

A Lone Wolf
You are a lone wolf, which means you're not exactly the type of person to work well with others. You don't really like the idea of relying on anyone, or trusting someone to do something. And furthermore, you don't like the idea of leading either. You aren't here to order people around either. You just want to do your own thing!