Who Are You In A Horror Movie?

Have you ever wondered which character type you would be in a horror film? Most people say they wouldn't be the one that does the stupid thing. But are you sure? Find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

The token person
You are the token person - whether that be the token black guy, the token teacher, the token second unnamed cheerleader, etc. This is the person who gets killed just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. They aren't stupid. They didn't chase after a noise or taunt the killer. They just opened the wrong door or were the first to be killed before anyone knew what was happening. Keep that in mind if you have any urges to go outside after dark tonight.

The idiot
You are the one that rolls his/her eyes and says that there's nothing going on and nothing to be afraid of. That's how you get into trouble in the first place. When you are faced with the killer you make one stupid decision after another and the whole theater is yelling at you. Then, of course, you trap yourself by running past the available front door to dash upstairs. Minutes later you think you're safe and want to check. Don't open that door!

The storyteller
You're that person that knows the story behind the story. You heard the legend from some old guy and since then you've been obsessed. You have article clippings in your bedroom all about the killer's life and backstory. You know so much the audience suspects that you might have homicidal tendencies of your own.

A lover
You're one of two people in a couple that thinks it's a GREAT idea to hole up in a closet and make out while your friends die and a killer is looking for you. Even better - when you think you've outrun the killer - for now - you get naked in the middle of the woods. Because that's the smart move. Yeah.

The hapless subhero
You're not the main hero. You're the person that everyone THINKS will die any minute now because you seem kind of goofy. But your warm and pure heart - in addition to your scaredy-cat nature - keeps you alive and well to give the main character comfort when it's all over.

The hero
You are one of only two or three people to survive. You likely killed the villain - or at least think you did. At any rate, the cops have FINALLY shown up and FINALLY believe you that something is going on. You can move away and try to restart your life now. But, everyone knows you'll be drawn back to town for the sequel. And the sequel after that. And the one after that . . .