Can You Pass The FBI Entrance Exam?

Take this test before you attempt to pass the real FBI Entrance Exam! It will help to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Besides that, it's fun!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

would almost undoubtedly fail
The FBI Entrance Exam would eat you for dinner. You are an intelligent person and you have many talents. However, this test is designed to be extremely difficult. Only the cream of the crop will be able to pass!

would probably fail
If you passed the FBI Entrance Exam , it would be a big surprise. While you have many talents and you are pretty smart, you don't appear to have what it takes to succeed on this very challenging exam.

may barely squeak by
The FBI Entrance Exam is no joke, but you have enough talents and knowledge to make passing it within your reach. You will need to discipline yourself, get physically fit, and study every day if you even want a slim chance of passing.

have a chance of passing
The FBI Entrance Exam is super challenging, but you actually have solid potential to pass. Of course, you will have to put in some serious effort into studying, exercising, and getting mentally prepared!

have a good chance of passing
The FBI Entrance Exam is one of the hardest tests on the planet, but guess what? You have a solid chance of passing if you develop your potential. Focus on fitness--mental, emotional, and physical--and you may get a passing score!

have a great chance of passing
The FBI Entrance Exam is such a challenging test that only the cream of the crop will have a chance of passing it. Good news for you. . . You are the cream of the crop! You have what it takes so take the test with confidence!