How Old-Fashioned Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

10% Old-Fashioned
You're definitely not someone who's old-fashioned. You're quite tech savvy and you couldn't live without your daily luxuries. You're very opinionated about current trends and situations and you let everyone know what's on your mind.

100% Old-Fashioned
You prefer doing things the olden ways and you're not a huge fan of current technology. You have pretty strict morals and traditions that you make sure to never break. While you may not be very tech savvy, you have an air of class about you that many don't have.

50% Old-Fashioned
You're the perfect blend of old-fashioned and modern. You like all the luxuries that current technology brings you but you also appreciate the rustic things in life. You know how to tap into either side in order to have a good time.

75% Old-Fashioned
You're a pretty old-fashioned individual who prefers typewriters over laptops. While you have an old way of thinking, you can appreciate the modern things that nowadays has to offer you.

35% Old-Fashioned
You're a pretty modern individual who couldn't picture living without their cell phone. You love everything that the modern ages has to offer you but you do find curiosity out of old-fashioned ways.