What Kind Of Photographer Are You?

Do you enjoy photography? If so, you will like this fun quiz! Based on your habits and ideas about taking pictures, the quiz will reveal what type of photographer you are!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

time-chasing photographer
If you could travel in a time-machine, you would do it eagerly. You have become fascinated with historical photography equipment and techniques. Your appreciation of the past makes for some awesome pictures!

a earth-lover photographer
You are passionate about landscapes! Your search for subjects has led you around the world. Every time you capture a beautiful scene, you help people have more appreciation for this amazing planet we live on!

a people-person photographer
What fascinates you is the unique customs of diverse people and cultures. Your search for subjects has led you around the world. Every time you capture a perfect moment that represents something in a person's life, you make the world a little better.

a tech-junkie photographer
You are always on the search of new technology and techniques. Your photographs can be abstract or realistic depending on which gadget you are using. Some people consider you an artist, but others think you rely too much on tricks.

an earth-hugging photographer
You are fascinated by nature. You love to take pictures of animals and plants. To capture the essence of living subjects, you must have a respect and appreciation for life and design. You bring awareness and share joy with your snapshots.

perfect moment photographer
You love to catch the candid moments of life. For you, there is a magic in capturing the emotion or message of a situation with a single photograph. You don't believe in luck; it's skill that allows you to do this!