What Do Your Hands Say About You?

Wondering what your hands say about you? What they announce to the world? Then it's time to find out! Take this super insightful quiz for your answer.

Tags: Women, Men, Appearance, Personality

Here are all the results with descriptions

That You Work Hard
Your hands are very rough! And that means you must work very hard! Maybe manual labor, like carpentry, or construction. Whatever it is, you certainly earn a living day after day. And your hands tell the world!

That You Spare Your Hands
It could be that you're white collar, and work a desk job that doesn't require you to rough up your hands. Or it could be that you wear rubber gloves when you wash the dishes. Whatever it is, your hands are spared any roughness. They're soft, and well-kept.

That You Are Super Creative
We're talking bracelets, rings, bold nail color, the works. Your hands yell out to the world that you're not a typical, boring person. No, you're super creative! Maybe you paint for a living? Maybe there's paint speckles on them.

That You Are No-Fuss
You don't wear bracelets, or rings, or anything. And you don't really wear nail polish either. You prefer a nice, natural look. In fact, your hands are bare, and that's what you love the most. Your hands tell the world that you're no-fuss, and no-frills.