What Type Of Witchcraft Should I Practice?

Have witches always fascinated you? Are you glued to the wicca corner of your local book shop? If you're considering practicing witchcraft, you should know what kind you want to practice.

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Celtic Wicca
Celtic Wicca is a modern version of wicca that includes elements from Celtic mythology. This witchcraft is heavily influenced by theology and a love for nature. There are Celtic gods and goddesses in this form of witchcraft.

Kitchen Witchery
Kitchen Witchery, also known as Cottage Witchcraft, is a combination of the hearth and home. Some of its characteristics include home-made remedies, ritual tea brewing, and generally adding magic to the domestic life.

Solitary Witchcraft
You should be a solitary witch! A solitary witch is someone who chooses to practice on their own rather than join a group or coven. Because of this solitary practitioners are free to practice how they like.

Shaminism isn't something that is always considered witchcraft, but some do consider it so. Shamans have access and connections to spirits and can practice divination and healing practices. They often communicate with spirits during a trance.

A Teutonic witch is known for speaking one of the Germanic languages and is often associated with Nordic lore. Because of this association, Teutonic witches often believe in Germanic gods and goddesses.

Wicca is the most popular of witchcraft and is also popularly known as Pagan Witchcraft. It focuses on values like harmony, power through knowledge, and reincarnation among other ideals. Wicca is a contemporary movement.