What Do You Want To Know?

Life is full of questions. Your mind is going all of the time and is asking questions for most of it. So what is your burning question? Find out by taking this quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Why love is the way it is
Your current interest and questions revolve around love and relationships. Maybe those interests are positive, or maybe you're searching for comfort in relation to love. Explore that question! Find out what you can about love.

The past
You are interested in history in some way. Either in your personal or family history or history in the traditional sense. Perhaps you want to know what was going on in the world 100 or even 1000 years ago. Check out some books on the subject and indulge your curiosity!

The future
The questions on your mind have to do with what's going to happen next. The world is certainly changing at a rapid rate of speed, so it is intriguing to wonder where it's all going. You could take a look at prediction models that predict the outcome of the subjects or technologies you're most interested in to find the answers. Or, you could just read some sci-fi.

How you compare
It's not that you're consciously wondering how you compare. It's that you're curious about how other people are succeeding or failing and what they're into. You might be subconsciously bored of your own status quo and you're looking for ideas on how to make life more interesting.

Science or magic
Or both. Or where they intersect. You basically want to know what moves nature and what there is yet left to discover. Somewhere between wanting to find a portal in a magic mirror or a wormhole in space. You have a curiosity about the unknown and how to make it known - at least to you.

What we're supposed to do
Your question is slightly different than 'what is the meaning of life'. It's closer to 'are we supposed to have fun or succeed, or leave a legacy'? You are likely driven to exploring your religion or multiple religions. You could find the answer there, or in reading philosophy or watching heartwarming movies.