What Is Your Most Misunderstood Quality?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Your Sassiness
People sometimes mistake you for being sassy, but you just love keeping things light-hearted and humorous! There's nothing wrong with that, my friend.

Your Confidence
Sometimes, you're accused of being TOO confident, but it's only because you know you have lots to be proud of. Own your success - you deserve it!

Your Bluntness
People may think you are too blunt and frank, but you just value honestly so much that you would never be fake or sugar coat anything for your friends!

Your Optimism
Sometimes, you may seem to be TOO happy, maybe even naive. People may put you down for this, but we think that always being a "glass half full" type of person is not a bad thing!

Your Shyness
You're wise enough to know not to trust everyone from the very beginning, and sometimes, you just have a tough time warming up to people! There's nothing wrong with that. Your real friends will always appreciate your kind spirit!