Can I Fight Quiz?

Do you think you're good at fighting? Would you hold your own in a street fight? Find out just how well you know fighting and if you can fight by taking this quiz!

Tags: Woman, Man, Self

Here are all the results with descriptions

Not fight
You need more practice and more information before you are ready to win a fight. Or, at least before you are ready to fight in a way that results in the fewest injuries to yourself. Gain some more information so that you're ready for a more experienced opponent.

Not fight well
You're not a great fighter - yet. There is still much you have to learn before you can have the confidence that you can win a fight. See if you can get a practice partner and try practice moves of some of the things you've learned in this quiz. Be safe and wear the right gear!

Fight okay
You know some of the tricks and moves that a good fighter uses but you don't know enough to be a great fighter. But wait - that's good news. It means that you can build your confidence in fighting by learning more.

Fight like a champion
You are an ultimate fighter. Of course you can win a fight and probably have! Either that or you've really been paying attention when you play video games or watch martial arts movies. It takes practice to win a fight so don't forget to practice!