Georgia Peach Test

Wondering if you're a Georgia Peach? Take the quiz to find out now!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

100 Percent Georgia Peach!
You love college football and sweet tea, you make a mean pie, and you love to curl your hair. You also eat your greens, love making mashed taters and barbecue, and love drinking whiskey and bourbon. You were probably in a few beauty pageants while growing up and hail from the great state of Georgia too. Above all, you have great manners, enjoy dressing up, and aren't quick to fall for just any romantic love interest!

75 Percent Georgia Peach!
You love sweet tea, and you can bake. You enjoy being involved in your community, and you have excellent manners. You probably even placed in a few beauty pageants as a child. But see, you don't know how to cook as well as some of the other Georgia Peaches out there. You need to practice more!

50 Percent Georgia Peach
You grew up in Georgia and certainly have a deep knowledge of what it means to be a Georgia Peach. The thing is that you moved as soon as you could and have been changing ever since. You no longer curl your hair, and you order takeout more often than not. You also can't recall the last time you baked a pie or had barbecue. But you know what? You still drink your sweet tea and have your Southern accent.

25 Percent Georgia Peach
You are somewhat a Georgia Peach, but not really. You like to cook and bake, but you aren't all about serving greens, mashed potatoes, and barbecue. You also really enjoy sweet tea, but you aren't about to watch a college football game.

0 Percent Georgia Peach
You are not a Georgia Peach at all! You can be rude, you straighten your hair or leave it wavy, and you order takeout. When you do cook, it's usually health food or something exotic. You also really enjoy going out to live music shows or movie theaters, but never any football games. You're not sporty, you don't have a Southern accent, and you'd never be in a beauty pageant!