Where Would Your Perfect Connecticut Home Be?

Wondering where your perfect Connecticut home would be? Find out now!

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It's a tiny, beautiful town, known for having one of the few covered bridges in the area--built from striking red timber in the nineteenth century. The town itself is quaint, with houses that look like they're made of gingerbread, tons of trees and gardens, and beautiful views in the fall. This is the perfect place for anyone looking to live in a small, quiet, ordinary yet beautiful town.

It's a classic small New England town that began as a local industrial town. Its roots are in shipbuilding and milling. Everyone here is proud of its historical heritage. There are antique houses and art galleries, boutiques, and even local theater. Beyond the main streets, there are hills, streams, forests, and hiking trails.

For fans of 'The Gilmore Girls,' this town was the inspiration for Stars Hollow. It's full of historic buildings, farmhouses that date back to the Revolutionary War, nineteenth-century Federal-style mansions, and the First Baptist Church of Essex. It's also home to one of three Egyptian Revival churches built in the United States. Everyone is friendly and welcoming, and they make a living running inns, shops, galleries, and even the Essex Steam Train.

Forty minutes away from central Manhattan by train, this is the perfect way to get away from city life while also being close enough to make the trek to the city every day, if you want to. It's great for people who want to lead quiet lives without feeling isolated. It's full of charming inns, local museums, brand-name stores, designer boutiques, and quirky indie shops. It's more cosmopolitan than most other Connecticut towns.