What’s Your Hidden Stress Level?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Level 1- Immediate Stress
You're hidden stress is at level one. Psychology rates level one as immediate stress. This includes temporary stressors such as work or relationship stress. This kind of stress usually is indicated by an increased heart rate, blood pressure, and nervous stomach.

Level 2- Continued Stress
Your hidden stress level is at level 2! Psychology rates level 2 stress as continued stress. Continued stress often comes from ongoing issues that have yet to be resolved. You likely feel a lot of pressure, fatigue, and memory loss. Take care of yourself and take life slow!

Level 3- Ongoing Stress
Your hidden stress level is level 3. Level 3 stress is known as ongoing stress and often stems from stressors that you can't shake. Work, relationships, past events, and even environment can be contributors to ongoing stress. you likely often feel like you're not yourself. You may even have trouble sleeping and fall ill a bit more often! Take care of you and embrace life's journey.