Which City In Wisconsin Is Best For You?

Where do you belong in America's Dairyland?

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You love to learn new things and explore new passions. While you do work hard, you're not the type of person to work on weekends, because you're life is out of the office. You're always busy with your hobbies and activities. You're the kind of person people turn to when they need volunteers or new ideas. Milwaukee is perfect for you because it's cheap enough that you don't have to work all the time just to make ends meet, but also large enough that it offers plenty of big city activities. Here you will truly be able to listen to your muse, follow your passions and discover new things.

A good laugh with a few friends is worth more to you than anything else in the world. You're very social, always making new friends, looking for fun ways to spend time with them and your social calender is always packed. Madison offers lots of ways to have fun, not just in night life but in beautiful parks where you can ski, ice skate or play football, lovely gardens, a free zoo and food. Yes, Madison is the heart of Wisconsin food and you will find everything here, from superb cheeses and craft beer, to ice cream, pizza and mac and cheese. You'll always have some place fun and new to try out with your friends, while you grow close and build bonds that will last a lifetime.

Green Bay
You're a sportsman through and through, not only do you love running after a ball or skating across the ice with a puck, but you have a keen sense of fairness, honor and working as a team. You love to see the amazing things people can accomplish when working together. You always put others first and are fiercely loyal. You never stop trying to do what's right, even when it's not easy. You'll love the excitement and thrill of living in the hometown of the NFL team Green Bay Packers. You will enjoy the camaraderie that seizes the city during football season and being a part of something that brings together strangers and friends.

Lake Geneva
You are laid-back and easy going and you should really live someplace that moves at your own speed. You love to have fun. You never see any need to rush and you hold your weekends as sacred, they are a time to rest, relax and goof off and woe betide anyone who tries to interfere with them. You don't tend to let things worry you and you're seldom troubled by stress. Lake Geneva is a town that gets you. It's all about fun, beaches and water-sports. Living there is like living in a resort all year round. After finishing up the day's work, you can go sun on the lake's beach, or sip a cooling cocktail before strapping on the jet skis.

You love small communities, being with family and all the holiday seasons. For you, it's much more important who you're with then where you are. Appleton is a safe, great community, full of friendly people and a low-key atmosphere. People of all ages can enjoy life here, with fun activities for kids and a great, small-town college community that always offers fun and interesting activities. You'll know your neighbors here, borrow the proverbial cup of sugar, attend birthday parties and have a backyard.

Elkhart Lake
You don't enjoy crowds or city noise. For you a quiet town with old houses and a main street is perfect. In Elkhart Lake you can find peace and quiet. You'll sit in your deck chair by the waters with a good book and a cup of coffee. During the cold Wisconsin winters, you'll have a jolly fire crackling in the hearth. But what sets Elkhart Lake apart from so many other small towns, and what makes it perfect for you, are the museums: a century old train station, the one hundred year old theater (which is still used for performances today) and the Native American museum. This is a town of culture that has a lot to offer including it's small size.