What Do You Hate?

Everybody has something that they absolutely can not stand. Take this quiz and you can reveal what it is you not only don't like but actually truly hate!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are just a sweet little soul. There is nothing really that gets to you or that would make you 'hate' something. You love everyone and everything. Good for you, you little positive queen. You are a light in this world!

Small Talk
To stand next to someone and hear them prattle on and on about the weather or some other meaningless topic drives you bananas. Literally, you could not think of anything worse than having to engage in small talk.

People Who Are Late
You are one of the most punctual people and so when other people ignore being on time it REALLY gets to you. You don't mind if an emergency happens and someone is a few minutes late, but people who are simply inconsiderate are the worst!

People Who Are Rude To Waiters
This is the one thing that you can not stand. Waiters are doing their job and to be rude to them just because you choose to is absolutely the worst. If a first date did this around you they would not be getting a second one!

People Who Act Entitled
You have worked for everything that you have ever gotten and you worked HARD. That is why people feeling entitled and making it voiced or acting in that way really gets to you. No one is better than anyone else and everyone has got to earn it the same way!

There is literally practically nothing that doesn't get on your nerves so intensely that it counts as hate. Literally, from the weather to people you can't stand it all. Maybe try to focus on the positive every once in a while!