Am I Critical?

Do you ever catch yourself being overly critical towards others or situations that happen in your life? Find out if you are a critical person right now with this fun and easy quiz!

Tags: Personality, Pessimist

Here are all the results with descriptions

Not Critical At All
You don't have a critical bone in your body. You're actually exactly the opposite of that. Just be careful that you don't have your guard down so much that people take advantage of you because it happens.

Not Very Critical
There may be a fleeting moment here and there where you start to think a little too critically about something or someone, but it doesn't usually last too long. You're doing just fine where you're at. Don't worry about it.

Somewhat Critical
Sometimes you think a little critically, but you likely don't let anyone else know your thoughts. Just because you aren't saying it on the outside doesn't mean that you're not feeling it on the inside. It happens to everyone; just don't let it get out of hand.

Critical Some Of The Time
It seems like you get into your moods where you want to judge everyone and everything, but then there are times when you really could care less. It's kind of a balance, but you should probably just work on being more positive in your thinking to be safe.

Pretty Critical
You seem to want to be critical most of the time. It's like you don't think anyone is ever good enough or living up to their potential. It's okay to want to be better, but you can't be so judgemental. Let people do what they do.

Extremely Critical
It's like you're so perfect you feel like you can be critical and judge everything and everyone that ever enters your life. It might work for you, but if you haven't pushed all your friends and family away yet, it's going to happen soon. That is unless you've found someone to be critical with you. Then that's just dangerous!