Russian Revolution

How much do you know about the Russian Revolution? Are you an expert or a novice or do you want to learn more? Find out how much you know and learn what you don't by taking this quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Very little
You know little to nothing about the Russian Revolution, but the beginning is a great place to start! You already have a basis for learning more from seeing the correct answers on this quiz. Now all you have to do is follow the parts that interest you most.

A little
You know some of the highlights of the Russian Revolution, but not much. Now that you've seen some of the correct answers from this quiz you know where to start if you want to learn more. And who wouldn't be fascinated by this interesting period in history?

A good amount
You don't know a ton about the Russian Revolution but you do know a decent amount. You'd pass a history test on the subject, for sure. But there's always room to learn more and learning more about the past can help us navigate the future.

A lot
You know a lot about the Russian Revolution so you're far ahead of the crowd! You could probably get most of your friends up to speed on the subject. And, if you learned just a little bit more, you'd be an expert in no time!

You are an expert on the Russian Revolution! Either you're a major history buff, Russian yourself, or a time traveler. Since you know so much about the Russian Revolution, you should educate your friends on the subject. If you haven't yet traveled there, maybe you should!