How Nice Am I?

Wondering just how nice you are? Whether you're overly nice, or just about right? Then it's time to really dig and find out, all with the help of a few questions.

Tags: Personality, Character, Nice, Kind, Friendly

Here are all the results with descriptions

Too Nice
You are much too nice. You let people walk all over you, and then. . . end up paying for it. A lot of the time, the disrespect from others, or the sheer disregard, hurts your feelings. If you weren't overly nice, fewer people would take advantage.

Just the Right Amount of Nice
You're just the right amount of nice, meaning that you're polite and friendly to most people, but if someone crosses a line, you stand up firm. You know which fights to pick, and which aren't worth your while.

Not Nice Enough
You are not nice enough to people. In fact, you come off as kind of a grouch, because you're always a little on edge. You're defensive and ready to strike whenever. Maybe you're just tired of people's nonsense?