What Club Should You Join?

Have no idea what club you should try next? Book club, sports club, animals club etc. Take this quiz to find out what club might suit you! Or maybe you don't need to join a new club. Maybe you would just like to be free for a while, but you don't know it.

Tags: Book, Sports, Hobby, Freetime

Here are all the results with descriptions

Book Club
You're a bookworm! You love reading. You're bored? You read. You want to ignore something? You read. It's amazing how fast you read books, and some people might even admire you for that. A book club is totally for you!

Sports Club
You're very athletic! You love shooting hoops, or kicking the ball. You want to spend most of your time practicing your favorite sport. A sports club is totally your type!

Animal Club
You love animals! You want to help them, no matter what. You have a soft heart for animals. You should consider buying a pet. An animal club is perfect!

Video Game Club
You love video games! You need to know the latest mode on Fortnite, or the coolest Minecraft server. You play on the Wii in your spare time or the Xbox. The Nintendo Switch sounds cool too or maybe you're trying to beat a Lynel in Breath Of The Wild. Whatever game it is, you're on it!

No Club
Another club might not be the best choice for you! Maybe try just being free from clubs for a little bit.