Am I An Old Soul?

You've heard of old souls and youthful hearts, but where on that scale do you fall? Are you an old soul, a young soul, or something else entirely? It's time to find out.

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An Old Soul
You are absolutely an old soul. You appreciate the world around you and are often noted as observant or wise. You feel drawn to quieter activities and to knowledge. You don't always fit in with your peers but you know who you are and there is immense value in that.

A Youthful Soul
You are a youthful soul! You have a spirit of curiosity and seem to have endless energy. You enjoy everything from travel to dancing to drinking and you are often noted to be the life of the party. You are uncertain about where life will take you but you try not to worry.

A Rational Soul
You are a rational soul and lean toward many of the same traits as old souls do. You let your head rule your life and do what you can to create a stable and comfortable life for yourself. You stray from dramatics.

A Whimsical Soul
You are a whimsical soul and you have much in common with a youthful soul but can also relate to an old soul's appreciation of small things. For you, life and the world are all about wonder and amusement.

A Sage Soul
You are a sage soul, you are the oldest soul there is. You tend to live in your own world and live an incredibly spiritual lifestyle. You are very wise and very confident in yourself. You are connected to parts of this world that others are not.

A Warrior Soul
You are a warrior soul and you tend to be more aggressive than most. You are ambitious, confident, and unrelenting. You enjoy a challenge and map your life by your successes and wins. You value loyalty.