How Off-Road Are You?

Are you meant for the road less traveled?

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How Off-Road Are You?

1. What is your favorite holiday?

July 4th Halloween Thanksgiving Christmas

2. What kind of movies do you like to watch the most?

Documentaries Action films Horrors Comedies Romances

3. After a stressful week, how would you want to spend Friday evening?

At home. In bed. With a good book or watching TV. Dancing at the nearest club! Having dinner with friends.

Here are all the results with descriptions

100% Off-Road
You are adventurous, daring, and resourceful. You love the thrill and freedom of off-roading and to you it's not just a hobby it's a way of life. You belong off the beaten track where no one has ever gone before. You're an explorer and a traveler. Nothing can keep you from your adventurers!

90% Off-Road
You love thrills and excitements and off-roading does that for you. It makes you feel alive and gets your blood pumping. You can't imagine a more fun and exciting hobby. Your weekend doesn't really feel like the weekend, if you haven't had the chance to go off-road. It's your favorite way to spend your time.

70% Off-Road
You love the social experience of off-roading: getting out into the wilderness with some good friends, having a picnic and having an adventure together. You love the bonding that comes from the shared experience of working together to get your jeep out of the mud or experiencing together the thrill of a dangerous road. For you, off-roading is all about the people you go with.

50% Off-Road
You have lots of interests because you're always up for trying new things and having new experiences. You're fun-loving, easy-going and excited to try everything life has to offer. You enjoy the adventure and excitement of off-roading, but you have many other interests and hobbies to take up your time as well.

25% Off-Road
You're responsible and hardworking but you like to occasionally do something a little crazy and a little wild. You know it's important to let loose once in a while. Maybe you'd be happier on just a dirt road, but there's a part of you that occasionally needs the excitement of a little off-roading. So when the spirit moves you, go chase that adventure!

0% Off-Road
You are quiet, contemplative and thoughtful. You'd rather a low-key evening at home with your own thoughts, than an off-roading experience. You are careful and prudent. You would never be reckless or take unnecessary risks. At heart you are a philosopher and a scholar.