Roman Catholic Church History

How much do you know about Roman Catholicism. Whether you're a practicing, lapsed, or non-Catholic, you can understand what you do and don't know with this quiz. And even learn a few things!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Have a lot to learn
You don't know very much at all about Catholic history. But, that means you have the opportunity to learn a lot more about it. Learning about world religions can enhance your experience of cultures. This correct answers gave you a good start - now go learn more!

Know a little
You don't know much about Catholic history, but you do have some knowledge of it. You might find that it's very interesting to read about and may give you a basis for learning about world history as well. Find out by looking into it!

Have a decent understanding
You're not an expert, but you do have more of an understanding of Catholic history than most people. Perhaps you love history in general or maybe you are a Catholic. Either way, there is still more you can learn, so why not dive deeper?

Know a lot
You know a lot about Catholic history. Almost enough to be an expert, but not quite. And really, there is so much involved in Catholic history it's nearly impossible to be an expert. For that, you'd almost have to have a key to the vaults!

Are an expert
You aced this quiz. You must be Catholic clergy or a very, very serious student of history and Catholicism. If you aren't already, you should look into it. At least book a trip to Italy to see the Vatican or visit one of the many famous monasteries of the world!