What Type Of Angel Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You are an angel known for protecting loved ones. The name Seraphim means "burning ones" or nobles. These angel posses six wings but only use two of the for flying. They are considered to be the guardians of God's throne and are known for being angels of love, light and fire.

This sweet and loving angel represents you well. These angels are sometimes known for having four faces on four sides of their head which helps them fly without having to turn their head. These angels while thought of as cute, are fiercely loyal and will protect almost anything.

You are an angel that helps brings miracles to the world. These angels are known for their bravery and acts of heroism. They have no trouble bringing courage when needed.

You are an angel that is known for it's power and leadership. They are known as being messengers and delivering key information. These Angels are warriors and it shows in their bravery and loyalty.

Guardian Angel
You are an angel that is the one closest to humans. You watch over them and make sure they are protect. Guardian angels are friendly but also fiercely loyal and strong.