What Is Your Rancher Name?

Ranchers from Texas to Idaho have some pretty unusual names. Some are earned. Find out what yours is with this fun quiz.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You're a former rodeo star who still loves to rope and ride, but the fast life of the circuit has lost its shine, and you want to sit back and raise horses--and kids.

You grew up in the big city but not so far away from Grandpa's ranch that you didn't get the dirt and grit of West Texas in your blood. As soon as you could, you got your ag degree and took over the heavy lifting for Grandpa, and he'll probably leave the ranch to you someday.

Just like Old Judge Bean, you love high hills, lazy rivers, and the sounds of falcons flying through mountain passes. Some good fishing doesn't bother you too much either. It's a good thing you think mending fences is fun, because most people would think goat ranching is tough work. You think you're tending God's country.

You're a rancher that likes to diversify. You're running cows in the valley and goats on the mountainside, and you've got acres and acres planted with everything from alfalfa to soybeans. You're a hard worker who will probably always be able to divert disaster.

You are the iconic cowboy/cowgirl. You've got grit and a slow grin, and you work well under pressure. Your ranch is so big, it crosses the state line in some places, and that's just fine with you. You love nothing better than a long trail ride.

You are the prodigal cowpoke. You ran off to the city in your youth and got caught up in the rat race. You hated the smells, stress, and noise, so when you made it back to the ranch, you skulked off to the back 40 as much as you could. Nowadays, you leave the business side of things to your siblings, and you live in a cabin on the far side of the ranch and pitch in as a cowhand when you're not too stubborn to help.