Which Continent Should You Live On?

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North America
You should live in North America! Here, you have the choice of three great countries that are all very different: Canada, the United States of America, and Mexico. On this continent, you are sure to find something you like!

South America
You should move to South America! This continent is both a bit tropical and also full of culture. You can see big cities, ancient ruins, and rain forests all in the same day. It is a perfect place for someone with an adventurus spirit, like you, to live!

You should live in Europe! This continent may be small, but there is a lot going on with it. Here, you can see ruins from people like the Vikings. You can also see castles that great kings and queens used to live in. Basically, this is every historians dream! That's why this place is perfect for you!

You should live in Asia! Asia is a huge continent, with many different walks of life within it. You could travel to Japan or South Korea and see the bright lights and party all night, or you could go somewhere a little more serious and get some work done. This continent is perfect for people who love to work and have fun, which is why it is perfect for you!

You should live in Africa! This country is large and the people who live within it are diverse. In the north of the continent you can see beautiful pyrimids left by the ancient Egyptions. In the south you can see tribes that act as they did hundreads of years ago. In many places you can see elephants and other untamed wildlife. This is every adventure's dream, which is why you would love it here!