What To Text A Girl To Make Her Want You

If you have ever wondered what to text a girl to make her want you, then take this quiz for a bit of advice. We will use your answers about your crush and tell you what kind of texts will win her over.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Something to make her laugh
You should text her something to make her laugh. She clearly is a kid at heart and appreciates the funnier things in life. She doesn't take anything too seriously and enjoys having a good time. The easiest way to show you care is to keep the good times rolling.

Something sweet
You should text her something sweet. She is a romantic at heart and will appreciate any sweet or even flirty gesture. She likes to be wooed with the flowers and the whole nine yards. Be sure to let her know you're thinking about her with a sweet text every now and then.

Advice or support
You should text her with some advice or moral support. She is very in touch with her emotional side and appreciates it when others are there for her. She might come to you for advice about a problem, or she might just be venting about a bad day. Whatever the case, be sure to show her you care.

Pictures of animals
You should text her pictures or videos of animals. Strange, but they make her happy! She's a huge animal lover, and nothing brightens her day more than seeing some cute, fluffy animals. Whether it's your own pet or something you found on the internet, she is sure to appreciate the effort.

Anything related to fitness
You should text her something related to fitness. She is a gym rat with a healthy lifestyle. The key to her heart is showing you care about her passion for staying fit and active. Maybe go for a hike together or join the local 5k race!

Anything related to food
You should text her something related to food. She is a foodie with a palette for delicious cuisine. She loves trying new restaurants and discussing the exciting menu options. Be sure to invite her out to the newest eatery in town to win her heart.