Which English Word Best Describes You?

It's this easy: you take the quiz (and be honest!), and we tell you which word best describes you.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You have a huge heart and feel compassion for all living things, and even though this makes you incredibly caring towards others, it can in turn cause you heartache and sadness. You wouldn't want to be any other way, because for you, love really is all you need.

You're analytical in the extreme, and don't often make decisions without running through a detailed list of pros and cons in your mind (and sometimes out loud to whoever's in earshot). You're an excellent business/work partner because you have the ability to think both big picture and detail oriented at the same time, a skill not many can boast.

You are one of those people who are good at everything they try, causing some to feel envy and others to be drawn to you. You're not one to pay attention to flattery or hate though, so you just go about your way. You have a hard time deciding how to spend your time because you have so many hobbies and interests.

You are a giver and a parental figure to many, but no matter how much you donate, volunteer, or support, you always wonder what more there is that you can do for others. You don't take care of others for reward or recognition, just the goodness of your heart and your personal moral code.

You have a personality that could fill the room, and a big heart to match. You're unapologetically about yourself, and this confidence draws you just as many friends as it does foes - but your motto is 'kill 'em with kindness' and you've found this wins almost everyone over to the Friend side in the end!

You don't like to ruffle anyone's feathers, so you usually avoid talking about emotions with people in your life, and as a result some people find you are distant. You're really on top of your professional life, but sometimes you prioritize work over relationships, causing your loved ones distress. You're very receptive to criticism, so whenever someone approaches you with a problem, you react gracefully and think deeply about it.