What Type Of Guy Do I Attract?

Have you always wondered if there's a certain type of guy that is attracted to you? You can find out who is most interested in you based on their personality with this quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

The Bad Boy
Everything about your personality draws the attention of bad boys from miles away. It's probably because you're one of those 'down for whatever' types of chicks. They need someone that can ride or die with them. Just be careful you don't end up the latter.

The Athletic Guy
You probably spend a lot of the time at the gym, working on your appearances, and watching what you eat. The athletic guy wants someone that can keep up with him in the weight room, and they see that in you.

The Nerd
If you're out and about, do you constantly have your nose in a book or a newspaper? It's like you have a thirst for knowledge, and nerdy guys love that about you. They might not be the suavest, but you can bet they'll be loyal!

The Hardworking Man
When there's a goal in front of you, you do whatever you can to achieve it. Hardworking guys like a woman that has ambition and can get things done. You're somewhat of a badass, and that guy that's working as equally hard as you can't stop watching in amazement.

The Loser
Your heart is the size of the moon, and you would do anything for anyone. That's a great personality trait to have, but loser guys see it as an opening. They are going to take advantage of your generosity and feed off of you for as long as they can. Don't let them use and abuse you. Maybe you need to start thinking about being just a touch more hardcore.

The Mommy's Boy
The real personality trait that comes out of you is being a nurturer. You love taking care of people. If your friend is having a party, you step in and act as the host, because you like to serve. That's what mommy's boys want is someone to take care of them. Are you ready for that type of relationship?