Are You Ambitious?

Wondering if you're the ambitious type, or if it's all just in your imagination? Then it's time you stopped being hopeful and faced the cold, hard facts!

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Super Ambitious
You're very ambitious, which means you set very high goals for yourself, and then do whatever it takes to get there. On paper, that may sound good. . . And in real life, that may be a good thing, sure. But if you're being honest, you know it can also lead to some pretty bad decision making that could hurt you and others. It's a fine line!

Moderately Ambitious
You are moderately ambitious, which means that although you're ambitious, you're not about to do just anything to meet your goals. You practice a little more common sense than that, so you know the difference between earning your stripes vs taking something for yourself at someone else's expense. Plus, at the end of the day, your goals are less about power, and more about craving stability for the sake of your family, pets, and yes, yourself.

Not Very Ambitious
You aren't very ambitious. To be honest, you're fine doing what you're doing now, or maybe something like it. You aren't driven by power or money, or even stability. You aren't driven by anything, really. All you want is to live day by day.