Famous Generals

Are you chock full of knowledge of military history? Do you know of all or some of the most famous generals? Check your knowledge level by taking this quiz!

Tags: History, Military, Adventure, War

Here are all the results with descriptions

Almost nothing
You know very little to nothing about the famous generals of history. That just means that there's more to learn! Whether you're interested in war or not, it's always good to know what's come before. Take what you've learned from the correct answers and build on it!

An average amount
You know about as much as the average educated person about the military generals of history. That doesn't mean you couldn't learn more. These generals shaped, for better or worse, what the world looks like today. Learn more about how they influenced history.

A lot
You know quite a lot about the military generals of history. You must have paid a lot of attention in school AND done some reading on your own. Now, having seen the correct answers, you're well on your way to being an expert.

You are almost - or are - a total expert on the history of military generals. You sure do know a lot about them. You must be a lover of history in general. Yes, that pun just happened. Be sure to share you knowledge with your friends and make sure more people know the history of these generals!