Does My Friend Have A Crush On Me?

Wondering if your friend is interested in more than your friendship? Then it's time to put your dynamic to the test and find out the real truth! Don't want to play guessing games anymore.

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Has A Massive Crush On You
Your friend thinks you're the cutest thing to walk the earth. You can basically do no wrong. And they are totally smitten over you. Your quirkiness, your shy moments, your laughter, the times when you do something unexpected. . . The ball is in your court!

Has A Little Crush On You
Okay, so you know when you FIRST start developing a crush on someone, but you're trying to suppress it, because you don't want things to change? You don't know if it would ruin the friendship? Well, this is that. Do with this information what you will!

Has Absolutely No Interest Outside of Friendship
Nope, zilch, nada, this friend of yours is only interested in you as a friend! But hey, even if your dreams were dashed, your friend gets to remain your friend. And that is never a bad thing. Beats ruining something perfectly fine because you got lame, curious feelings anyway, right?