What Kind Of Hugger Are You?

Hugging is one of those uniquely human things that can carry a thousand messages. Have you ever wondered what kind of hugger you are? Find out by taking this quiz.

Tags: Personality, Relationship, Friend

Here are all the results with descriptions

A Bear Hugger
You are a bear hugger! Every hug you give anyone is ginormous and full of love. You hug because you love large and are truly excited to see those who you care about from friends to family to lovers.

A Caresser
You are a caresser! You hug with intimacy and a delicacy that almost always includes some kind of caress. Your hugs are a true act of vulnerability and trust. Anyone who receives one of your hugs has earned it.

A Tight Hugger
You are a tight hugger! Once you're hugging someone you hold on and take a little longer than usual to let go. You face some fears of people leaving you and you value your support system too much to regret any day with them.

A Protective Hugger
You are a protective hugger! When you hug someone you hold on tight and work hard to comfort and protect them from any pain or problems. You are often seen as a warrior for your protective and fierce nature.

A Twirling Hugger
You are a twirling hugger! Your hugs often involve lifting someone up, twirling someone around, or some kind of jump. You tend to be very excitable and nothing excites you more than seeing the people you love.

A Timely Hugger
You are a timely hugger! You understand when to hold on for minute after minute or when to give a quick, strong squeeze. You are incredibly intuitive and have a knack for reading situations. People are grateful for your tact.